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The Youth in Agriculture for Development workshop organised by the Initiative for Youth Empowerment and Transformation (IYET) brought together over 80 participants to share insights into youth-led agricultural transformation for economic development. Participants included government ministries, departments and agencies, development partners, national and international NGOs, private sector, academia and youth. The workshop was opened by the Minister of State for Youth and Children Affairs, Hon. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, who mentioned that the workshop on youth in agriculture could not come at a more opportune time given the glaring challenge of widespread youth unemployment in Uganda. At the workshop, all participants agreed that youth-led agricultural transformation is possible, but requires addressing the bottlenecks that limit youth participation in agriculture including: attitude towards agriculture, access to finance, availability of youth-friendly extension services, skills development and an enabling environment. Participants had a feel of the employment situation, challenges and opportunities for young people in agriculture.