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The Impact of youth participation in the agricultural sector

The Impact of youth participation in the agricultural sector on the economic transformation/development of Uganda

Presented by Mr. Mwesigwa Bickie Isharaza, Deputy Chief of Party, Feed the Future.

The presentation responded to the question “what impact can youth in agriculture have on economic transformation?” and was informed by the case of the USAID funded program – Feed the Future Uganda Youth Leadership for Agriculture

The program aims at increasing incomes, building entrepreneurship leadership, and workforce readiness skills of youth. Using peer-to-peer approaches to mobilize, educate and build credibility among youth, the program focuses on the following programmatic elements:

  • Access to and use of financial services and information provided,
  • Meet young people where they are,
  • Apply age appropriate interventions,
  • Demand-led and market responsive orientation,
  • Prioritization of life skills,
  • Engaging key gatekeepers.

Creating impactful youth initiatives

The following are some ways in which youth agricultural initiatives can be impactful:

  • Leverage the links between initiatives
  • Facilitate market linkages with the private sector
  • Conduct regular market assessments
  • Facilitate short technical training and demonstrations to serve rural learners
  • Identify mid-chain opportunities
  • Design built-in intergenerational benefits
  • Create pathways to mixed livelihoods
  • Creating economies of scale though youth groups
  • Change youth mind-sets

To harness the impact of youth in agriculture for development, programs need to be designed in revers:

  1. Let demand set the agenda
  2. Empower partners to grow their networks
  3. Be private sector driven and with youth in the lead




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