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Driving Youth-led New Agribusiness and Microenterprise (DYNAMIC)

Ms. Jane Lowicki-Zucca, Program Director – Driving Youth-led New Agribusiness and Micro enterprise (DYNAMIC)

“Youth-led agricultural transformation must be led by youth and all actors have a responsibility to enable that youth call”

DYNAMIC works with youth to increase their self-employment and resilience in the agricultural markets. The program works towards making markets work for the youth enabling their participation in both input and output markets. The market has potential to offer many employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for young people through incentives and an enabling environment that attracts youth.  Emphasis should therefore be put on promoting the market support functions that would enable youth participation. Some of these include: education and skills development, access to finance, access to information, rules and norms, and policies among others.

The following are some drivers of youth-led agricultural development:

  1. Access to finance, and in particular digitalization of VSLAs to build traceable credit history and links to formal financial institutions,
  2. Access to information particularly market prices and agronomic practices,
  • Key value skills (business and life skills);
  1. Promoting value chain approach to agriculture;
  2. Private sector involvement of youth in agriculture.


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