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Drivers of youth-led agricultural transformation for economic development

Mr. Mwesigwa Bickie Isharaza, Deputy Chief of Party feed the future Uganda Youth leadership in Agriculture

According to Mr. Mwesigwa, the key drivers for youth-led agricultural transformation for economic development are:

  1. Increasing youth access to microfinance institutions as well as building the capacity of village savings and loan associations to reach out to young people;
  2. Creation of an enabling environment for the private sector to succeed as the private sector has the potential to drive agricultural development;
  • An enabling environment in form of policies that facilitate and promote learning from the innovations in youth and agriculture;
  1. Investment in research and development;
  2. ICT infrastructure to linking rural areas and youth to information and services;

The availability of, and access to reliable data. There are no clear mechanisms or platforms that promote data sharing across stakeholders which calls for urgent attention.


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