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Creating a responsive policy environment for youth-led enterprises

Creating a responsive policy environment for youth-led enterprises


Uganda’s policies need to provide a supportive environment for youth-led agribusinesses to thrive. Facilitated by Richard Wanzala of Restless Development, the objective of the session was to explore how policies can contribute to youth becoming drivers of agricultural transformation. The session begun with an overview of what a responsive policy environment means in relation to the development of youth-led enterprises.



The group noted some of the challenges to youth participation as follows:

  • Lack of a platform to voice concerns of youth,
  • Limited participation in the formulation of policies that affect youth; and
  • Homogeneous policies that do not adequately address the challenges faced by the different categories of youth.

Best practices

Some of the best practices in youth participation in Uganda include:

  • The existence of youth policies aligned to national strategies;
  • Regular stakeholder engagement in youth policy discussions; and
  • The presence of a youth department in the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development which takes the lead youth affairs.


The group agreed on the following top 3 Recommendations for creating a responsive policy environment for youth-led enterprises:

  1. The policies should be made easily accessible and intentionally publicized to the youth.  The policies should be packaged in simplified language
  2. Both formal and informal youth structures should be involved in policy design and implementation
  3. Effort must be made to create trust between the youth and government. Transparency must be encouraged at all levels.



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